Ancient Greek Massage is a healing technique that is based on techniques supported by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Hippocrate’s techniques were applied in wrestling schools in ancient Greece, in gyms by pedotribes (coaches in ancient greek palestras) and to patients in Asklipias that operated as healing centers. It is a healing that releases stress offering a deep sense of relaxation and wellness and at the same time brings us close to the ancient greek thought.

It combines “dry massage” with pressure and movement, following the brush that reinforces blood circulation to the back. Afterwards hot oil is applied with essential oils that is followed by a special massage using a unique suction method. The oil is removed by a wooden scraper the ”curry comb”. The treatment is completed with the “sadness rubbing” which is virtually a head massage during which the emission of “serotonin” is increased and the “cortisol” is decreased thus releasing sadness.

A unique olistic healing is appealed to anyone who desires to revitalize body and soul, to be lightened and to give himself a journey back to ancient Greece.

For the massage-by-hand processed virgin olive is used with the traditional way of cold pressing in combination with essential oils.

The ancient greek massage experience begins as soon as you enter Amaltheia. The therapeutic properties of the ancient greek music fills the room. We will provide you with everything you need for a relaxing shower including handmade olive oil soap. Wearing the ancient greek chiton you are ready to enjoy the therapy and to travel back to ancient Greece. At the end our treat to you is homemade lemonade, organic dried fruit and nuts from the Greek earth.

A woman, giving an Ancient Greek massage

Why would you choose Ancient Greek Massage?


Our services

Ancient Greek Massage

This treatment helps relieve stress by giving a deep sense of relaxation and wellness, while at the same time putting us in touch with ancient Greece.

Amaltheia Massage

This is the perfect choice if you are seeking relief from muscle aches and pains and a tonic to the nervous system, as it relieves the body from stress and tension.

Hot Wax Massage

The process of heating the aromatic wax converts it into a rich oil, with the intoxicating aromas of precious essential oils offering hydration, relaxation and detoxication.

Siyanda Massage

A deep and completely relaxing massage, this treatment can transcend into a spiritual experience if you let yourself go.

Sound Massage

This treatment uses sound and vibrations to induce a relaxed state of mind. The therapist uses sound cymbals, also known as “signing bowls,” in combination to hand movements inspired by the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether)..

It is an ideal therapy for body revitalization and tension relief.


Is a holistic method which makes use of the universal living energy and directs it right through the patients body with outstanding therapeutic results for a number of psychological, psychosomatic and physical ailments.

Massage With Hot Volcanic Stones

Hot volcanic stones are renowned for their ability to heal, by transferring heat deep into the tissues and giving the body absolute harmony and relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

A rejuvenating body massage especially designed for the pregnancy term. It alleviates myosceletical pains but also soothes and relaxes the body.

Lymph Massage

This massage is designed to flush out toxins, reduce swelling and improve cellulite, bringing about visible results in body tone and shape.

Back Massage

A treatment that relieves tired muscles, reduces tension and improves blood circulation.

Foot Massage

A holistic therapeutic approach that addresses the bottom of the foot, the calves and the thighs, helping restore the body’s sense of balance and harmony.

Head Massage

A mixture of warmed oils and native Greek herbs are used to on the center of the forehead, followed by a traditional massage on head, face, neck and shoulders. The combination help relax the nervous system and is known to treat insomnia and stress.