Exploring Greece with the locals

Energize your body and mind with us in our local fitness adventure for 7 days! A balance of enjoying the Greek island and staying fit with extensive walks, hiking a volcano and kayaking. In between the sports activities, we will show you the beauty of our home with an Island trip where there are no cars allowed, a lemon farm tour and local dinners. Book with us to enjoy the REAL Greek life.

7 days ( 6 nights)

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Exploring Greece with the locals

Our unique program

Arrival to Poros

DAY 01


Poros is an island that combines the blue of the sea with the green of the pine forest. The original name of the island was Calabria. The island was created after an earthquake caused by the eruption of the Methana volcano. The old symbolic clock of the island is located at the top of the island since 1927, the clock was a donation from the merchant and member of the parliament Ioannis Papadopoulos. In Poros you can visit Poseidon”s temple, the god of the sea and waters, the temple is located at the top of a hill in the ancient town of Calabria”s and the ruins of the temple were found in 1894.   Our first meeting is going to be a welcoming dinner. (8:00pm , local taverna)


DAY 02

After your breakfast at 10am, we will have plenty of time to visit the Poros town where you can see the old clock tower( the clock tower was built in 1927 and is an imposing feature.),the archeological museum,( The museum was built in the 1960s on a plot of land donated by the Koryzis family. The displays of the museum date from the Mycenaean era to Roman times. The museum contains a notable collection of druged artefacts by the French Archeological School in Troezen.), and the temple of Poseidon.(It used to be the center of the Kalaureian amphictyony that functioned as a voluntary co-operative for dealingwith religius as well as civic issues for city-states including Epidaurus, Prassies, Hermione,Aigina, Athens and Orchomenos.


2:00pm to 6:00pm free time


In the afternoon (6:00pm) you will have the unique experience of watching a magical sunset while kayaking.

After a short introduction we jump into the kayaks and start paddling around the island for some amazing photos.

Our journey takes us to a small and beautiful island of Daskalio with a little church on it where still marriages take place. We will continue to Love Bay and the calm little gulf of Neorio where we will see beautiful boats and enjoy the nature.

As the sun sets down we will slowly kayak back and on our way keep our breath for the views – just relaxing and being in the moment. You will feel the beauty and magic of the sunset in this area.
Finally we arrive at Russian Bay again and take you back to our meeting point.

Our stops in short:

Meeting point (Start and End): Ferry Boat Poros
Photoshoot Tour: Russian Bay – Daskalio Island - Love Bay – Neorio – SUNSET - Russian bay

Cultural trip

DAY 03

On third day after breakfast (10:00am) we will start our 45 minutes trip by car, to see the ancient theatre of Epidavros, the biggest in Greece.( Theater of Epidaurus, it was built by Polykleios the Younger and it stands out for its symmetry and its beauty. Initially the theater was used as an expedient of healing for the patients, because they believed that the observation of dramatic performances had beneficial results for the mental and physical health of the patients. After the first excavations of the theatre the first performance was staged in 1938, the tragedy Electra of Sophocles.) 12:pm we will start the half an hour trip to Nafplio.

Nafplio was the first capital of modern  Greece, according to mythology the founder of the town was Nauplios, the son of Poseidon and Amimonis. When we arrive in Nafplio, we will go to Palamidi, is a fortress which is located on a hill with 216 meters altitude and it was built by the Venetians in 1687, during the Venetian-Turkish war.

Both of Theater of Epidaurus and Palamidi fortress are UNESCO heritage sites. 

After that  about 2:00pm you will have free time for a lunch or coffe in the city of Nafplio, and 4:00pm we will go for a swim in the clear blue water of Karathona beach for 3 hours. In the afternoon (7:00pm) we will have a walk around the city of Nafplio to see the old town, to have a drink or coffe and to taste some local sweets.

9:30pm we ll start our trip back to Poros


DAY 04

After your breakfast 10:00am,we will visit the biggest lemon farm in Greece(15 minutes away from Poros), where you will be able to see the whole process, from the cultivation of lemons till the time they are ready to be packed. We can refresh ourselves with a freshly squeezed lemon juice.

12:00pm we will visit the devils bridge in Troizina to see and swim in the cold waters of the river.

The Devil’s bridge is a canyon in a distant locus. It has rich germination, small rivers that flow on the smooth rocks and in some places small lakes are created, with clean and cold waters. To get to these lakes, first we need to cross the magical paths among the trees and to go down the rocks. Although in some places there are ropes that help with the downhill to the lakes. When we get to the lake we can take a break by swimming, exploring the place and enjoying some food.

This place was so named, because according to the myth, in the period of Ottoman rule, the pasha of the region instructed a craftsman to build a bridge on the river Chrysorroa, otherwise he would kill him. But the  rocks that the bridge had to be built were very far apart and every time he was building it it collapsed. One day the devil appeared to him to help him, in return with his soul. Since he accepted the deal, in one night the bridge was built and the devil gave to the craftsman a lot of money and he became rich. Unfortunately, after six years as the craftsman was crossing the bridge and he was going to take the money from the place he was hiding them, it started to blow very loudly and the wind took him and disappeared him and on the same day his family died, when a thunderbolt knocked their house.

2:00pm we will visit a local taverna in Kalloni village to taste some local and homemade dishes.

4:00pm return to Poros, free afternoon and night.


DAY 05

After your breakfast 10:00am we will start our short trip by car for the unique island of Ydra. We will take the speed boat from Metohi area to travel in Ydra. (approx. 30 minutes)

Hydra has one real town, no real roads, no cars and not even any bikes.Definitely is a favorite destination of those who love nature, tranquility and art.

It is often called the island of artists, as in the past many Greek and foreign artists lived on the island like Leonard Cohen. 
You will have plenty of free  time(until 5:00pm) to visit the old town in Hydra, to enjoy the sun at the beautiful beaches, go for a swim, have a lunch or coffee etc.

In the evening(8:30pm) we will visit a wine bar in Poros for a local and traditional wine tasting. 9 differnt tastes of wine or more if you want !


DAY 06

After your breakfast(10:00am) we will start a short trip by car ,about 25 minutes for hiking on the Methana volcano. We will be able to admire breathtaking view of the Saronic gulf, we will see forests and lava stones, uphill, downhill and straight surfaces. And at the end of the hike we will visit the biggest crater of the 30 of the Methana peninsula.

After hikig about 12.30 we will visit the unique beach of Votsalakia for a swim.

The beach has taken their name , obviously, from the light, rounded pebbles that adorn the beach,like those glass marbles from our childhood. The beach protected, left and right by rocks and cliffs, ideal for diving from above. 

3:00pm we will return in Poros

At night (8:00pm) we will have the farewell dinner for the group, and we will taste some more local foods and products.


DAY 07

After your breakfast you will be ready to go back to the airport or to continue your vacations in Greece.

Thank you!

Available dates

Upon request. From April to October 2022 From 4 to 8 guests


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