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Relax and stay fit with us in a five day fun package. Get to know Poros and the wider area in a way that only we know.
Kayaking during a sunset, hiking a volcano, swimming by unique beaches, mountain biking and intense night life.

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5 Days (4 nights)

What is included:

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590,00 €

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Sport Adventures

The Activities

Hiking & Kayaking

DAY 1- free day, DAY 2

First day after you check in you are free to know the island.

Methana Volcano Hike

On 2nd day after your breakfast on 10:00am we will start a short trip by car for Methana penninsula. (about 25 minutes)

On our hiking trail we will experience breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf (Aegina, Agistri, Poros) and far views of Athens and Piraeus. The Peninsula of Methana has 30 craters and the one we are hiking on is the most evident. The paths along the way offer a unique combination of nature ‘works’ including beautiful lava landscapes.

When we reach the top, we have the option to enter a cave of approx. 20 m high. Photos inside the cave are a must-do as the reflection of light creates unique scenery.

12:30 pm we ll start drive back to Poros. You have time for swimminig, lunch, coffee etc.

Magical Sunset Kayaking

On 6:30pm we will pick you up from your hotel for a short drive (10minutes) for the magical sunset kayaking experience.

Our journey takes us kayaking from the Russian Bay to the beautiful islet of Daskalio, with a little church on it, where still marriages take place. We will continue to Love Bay and the calm little gulf of Neorio where we will see beautiful boats and enjoy the nature.

As the sun sets down we will slowly kayak back and on our way ,keep our breath for the views – just relaxing and being in the moment. You will feel the beauty and magic of the sunset in this area.

Finally we arrive at Russian Bay again and take you back to our meeting point. (about 9:00pm)

Free night for relax.




 On 3rd day after your breakfast 10:00am,we will drive to the Aderes mountain range with our 4x4 off raod cars and will see the whole Argosaronikos gulf with its islands, Poros, Aegina, Agistri, Hydra, Spetses.

If the horizon is clear we also be able to see the capital city of Athens

We will continue our route for the Ancient village of Troizina(about half an hour) and visiting the Devil's Bridge for a swim in a unique natural gorge.(stay there for 1 and half hour).

The Devil’s bridge is a canyon in a distant locus. It has rich germination, small rivers that flow on the smooth rocks and in some places small lakes are created, with clean and cold waters. To get to these lakes, first we need to cross the magical paths among the trees and to go down the rocks. Although in some places there are ropes that help with the downhill to the lakes. When we get to the lake we can take a break by swimming, exploring the place and enjoying some food.

This place was so named, because according to the myth, in the period of Ottoman rule, the pasha of the region instructed a craftsman to build a bridge on the river Chrysorroa, otherwise he would kill him. But the  rocks that the bridge had to be built were very far apart and every time he was building it it collapsed. One day the devil appeared to him to help him, in return with his soul. Since he accepted the deal, in one night the bridge was built and the devil gave to the craftsman a lot of money and he became rich. Unfortunately, after six years as the craftsman was crossing the bridge and he was going to take the money from the place he was hiding them, it started to blow very loudly and the wind took him and disappeared him and on the same day his family died, when a thunderbolt knocked their house.

We will drive back to Poros on 3:00pm


At 6:30pm we will swim in Neorio the biggest beach of Poros, while doing our first Standup Paddle-boarding lesson.
In less than an hour you will be able to balance and enjoy this sport. Fun is guaranteed

Free night for relax

Mountain Biking & Swimming

DAY 4 , DAY 5

Mountain Biking

On 4th day, 10:00am ,after your breakfast  we will start for a short trip  to Orthollithi mountain.(about half an hour).

We will enjoy mountain biking on a route that opens up an infinite view of the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs. This includes breathtaking views from above of Ydra, Poros, Methana and far Athens on a clear day.

On the peek , the altitude is 1105 m, the highest in the area. Reaching the top, we can have a stopover at the old chapel of Prophet Elias. (the downhill is 10 km, about 45 minutes)

We will bike until our next stop Votsalakia beach.

Votsalakia swimming

About 12:30 we have already arrive in Votsalakia.

Votsalakia Beach is a unique , isolated, clear blue-turquoise water spot where you will lose yourself to infinite beauty and scenery for some time.

The beach has taken their name , obviously, from the light, rounded pebbles that adorn the beach,like those glass marbles from our childhood. The beach protected, left and right by rocks and cliffs, ideal for diving from above.

At 3:00pm we ll start drive back to Poros.

Free afternoon and night.

The 5th day after your check out its time to say "good bye" ,until next time!! Thank you !!!

Available dates

Upon request. From April to October 2022 For groups 4 to 8 guests


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