Our story


Our grandparents already grew up here and our family knows all the magical places and secrets. Since we were young we enjoyed doing sports such as kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.


Our family successfully manages a big lemon business which is the biggest lemon farm in Greece. Living close to nature since we were very young, we got to know all the hidden paths while enjoying hiking, mountain trekking and exploring.

YEAR 2018

This year we decided to start sharing this unique experiences with guests from all over the world. So that’s why we founded ‘Greece Sports Travel’. We offer various activities that make you fall in love with the nature in our area.

Our mission

Our mission  is to show you around as one of our family members.
When you have a great time it makes us happy and fulfilled.
We would be very glad to welcome you on our tours and have a wonderful time together.
Because: “What is life without great adventures”? 

Why choose Greece Sports Travel

With Greece Sports Travel you discover places nobody else but only the local would know and you support our local community.

Unique & authentic experiences

We offer truly authentic and unique experiences for travelers who want to stay active while travelling.

Local heritage

What sets us apart from commercialized tours is our local heritage and our commitment to showing the infinite beauty of Poros Region and Greece from our heart.

Meet the team

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