Lemon Farm Experience

This vacations will be different for you. You will have the opportunity to have a unique experience in Greece and feel like the local lemon farmers. You will cultivate lemons, you will get to know the culture of the local producers, will taste Greek traditional recipes and you will have fun like Greeks.

7 days ( 6 nights)

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679,00 €

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Lemon Farm Experience

Visit the biggest lemon farm in Greece!


Welcome to Poros

An island that combines the blue of the sea with the green of the pine forest. The old clock symbol of the island has been standing high on the top of the island from 1927. Get to know the temple of the god Poseidon,the god of the sea and swim in the picturesque sandy and organized beaches.

On this day we will meet for the first time and we will have a farewell dinner.

Day 2

Lemon Farm

On the second day we will go to the farm, we will get to know the lemon varieties that thrive in Greece and we will see how they are cultivated.


Cooking classes with lemons

On the third day we will do a cooking class based on lemons. Meat, vegetables, fishes and of course lemon-based dessert. In the end we will enjoy the food we cooked


Work on the farm

On the 4th day we will work on the farm. We will do pruning, watering, and other tasks required to stimulate a proper growth of our lemon trees in order to harvest the best quality lemons.


Making homemade lemonade & visit Lemon Forest

On the 5th day we will visit a traditional workshop to see how to produce the oldest recipe with lemon and of course to enjoy our lemonade.

Finally we will visit the world-famous lemon forest, the oldest in the world.


Harvesting and packaging lemons/ Farewell Dinner


Back to the airport

Available dates

20 SEP - 26 SEP 2021
02 OCT - 08 OCT 2021


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