Discover The Secrets Of The Greek Diet

A gastronomic trip to Greece. A trip that will bring you closer to the traditional flavors of Greece. Gastronomy is a valuable cultural heritage. The way of life which a place is reflected in the food and drink, through the process but also the materials that are produced. The cooking art and gastronomy compose the package of a memory journey through taste.

5 days (4 nights)

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Our unique program

Greek Welcome Dinner


Poros: An island that combines the blue of the sea with the green of the pine forest. The old clock symbol of the island has been standing high on the top of the island from 1927. Get to know the temple of the god Poseidon, the god of the sea and swim in the picturesque sandy and organized beaches.

After your chek in you have free time to know the island.

8:00PM-Our first meeting for dinner is the welcome dinner where you will experience traditional seafood.

Fresh fishes,  squids, octapus, taramosalata, fried shrimbs with cheese and more, and of course Greek traditional Ouzo.



After your breakfast 10:00am we ll drive for half an hour for Methana penninsula for our hiking.

On our hiking trail we will experience breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf (Aegina, Agistri, Poros) and far views of Athens and Piraeus.

The Peninsula of Methana has 30 craters and the one we are hiking on is the most evident. The paths along the way offer a unique combination of nature ‘works’ including beautiful lava landscapes. When we reach the top, we have the option to enter a cave of approx. 20 m high. Photos inside the cave are a must-do as the reflection of light creates unique Scenery.

At 1:30pm we ll drive back to Poros and you will have free time for swimming, lunch or coffee and relax time.

At 18:30we will visit a wine bar in the  town of Poros for wine tasting, where you will taste 9 different local wines or more...

Then for dinner we will have greek specialities like: lamp chops, village salad, tzatziki, beetroot with garlic sauce and red wine in a traditional greek taverna.



On 3th dayafter your breakfast,we ll drive to the Aderes mountain range with our  4x4 off road cars and see the whole Argosaronikos gulf with its islands, Poros, Aegina, Agistri, Hydra, Spetses, and if the horizon is clear we also see the capital city of  Athens.

We will continue our journey going to the ancient village of Troizina and then we will visit the Devil's Bridge for a swim in a unique natural gorge.(stay for one and half hour). We will have a Greek pic-nic there.

Later( about 2:00 pm we will swim in the clear blue waters of Votsalakia Beach and of course we will have a lunch with the most famous dish in the world... Souvlaki...compined by Greek village salad, handmade cheese pies with Feta, fried zucchini flowers, eggplant salad and local wine.(5:00pm)

In the night(8:30) we will try some traditional Greek sweets like baklava, galactoboureko, rizogalo, almond sweet pies, pecan pie with an ice cream and a homemade lemonade.



A cooking class is always the best way to learn more for the Greek cuisine. After your breakfast 11:00am we will cook together some of the traditional recipes as Mousaka, Gemista, and Lemon sauce calf.

In the afternoon(6:30pm) we will enjoy a sea Kayak in the sunset. Our journey takes us kayaking from the Russian Bay  to the beautiful islet of Daskalio, with a little church on it, where still marriages take place.

We will continue to Love Bay and the calm little gulf of Neorio where we will see beautiful boats and enjoy the nature. As the sun sets down we will slowly kayak back and on our way ,keep our breath for the views – just relaxing and being in the moment.

You will feel the beauty and magic of the sunset in this area.

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Upon request. From October 2022 to October 2023 From 2 to 8 guests


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