Saronic Islands Tour

A unique and well-organized tour to the 3 islands of the Saronic Gulf, but also to the most historic city of the Peloponnese, Nafplio. This tour includes boat trips to the islands and trekking to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and the fortress of Nafplio.

6 days ( 5 nights)

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Saronic Islands Tour

The beautiful Islands


Welcome to Poros

Day 2


Poros is an island that combines the blue of the sea with the green of the pine forest. The original name of the island was Calabria. The island was created after an earthquake caused by the eruption of the Methana volcano. The old symbolic clock of the island is located at the top of the island since 1927, the clock was a donation from the merchant and member of the parliament Ioannis Papadopoulos. In Poros you can visit Poseidon”s temple, the god of the sea and waters, the temple is located at the top of a hill in the ancient town of Calabria”s and the ruins of the temple were found in 1894.  

After your check in, you will have time to see the island.

At 8:00pm we ll have our first meeting and the welcome dinner in a local taverna of Poros.(Local products)



After your breakfast 10:00am we ll start our first trip for Hydra island. (45minutes away- by car and taxi speed boat).

Hydra has one real town, no real roads, no cars and not even any bikes. Donkeys are the main way to transport things here.Definitely is a favorite destination of those who love nature, tranquility and art.

It is often called the island of artists, as in the past many Greek and foreign artists lived on the island like Leonard Cohen. 
You will have plenty of free  time(until 5:00pm) to visit the old town in Hydra, to enjoy the sun at the beautiful beaches, go for a swim, have a lunch or coffee etc.

At 5:00pm will start come back to Poros ( arrive in Poros 6:30pm)-Free night.



After your breakfast 10:00am will start our trip for Epidaurus.(about 35 minutes-by car)

Theater of Epidaurus, it was built by Polykleios the Younger and it stands out for its symmetry and its beauty. Initially the theater was used as an expedient of healing for the patients, because they believed that the observation of dramatic performances had beneficial results for the mental and physical health of the patients. After the first excavations of the theatre the first performance was staged in 1938, the tragedy Electra of Sophocles.(stay for 1 hour)

At 12:00pm will start a half an hour trip for Nafplio.First we will visit Palamidi fortress.

Nafplio was the first capital of modern  Greece, according to mythology the founder of the town was Nauplios, the son of Poseidon and Amimonis. When we arrive in Nafplio, we will go to Palamidi, is a fortress which is located on a hill with 216 meters altitude and it was built by the Venetians in 1687, during the Venetian-Turkish war.

Both of Theater of Epidaurus and Palamidi fortress are UNESCO heritage sites. (stay for 1 hour)

In the city of Nafplio you will have time for lunch,coffe, shoping etc until 8:00pm.(back to Poros 10:00pm)



At 10:00am ,after your breakfast we ll start our trip for Spetses (by boat).

 is an affluent island and a municipality in the islands regional unit, Attica,Greece. It is sometimes included as one of the Saronic islands.Until 1948, it was part of the old prefecture of Argolis and Korinthia perfecture which is now split into Argolis and Corinthia. In ancient times, it was known as Pityussa; Spetses is a borrowing from Italian spezie "spices".

Spetses is a picturesque island that combines the green of the pine forest and the blue of the sea. The old mansions and the newer ones can be crossed by walking in the alleys with carriages.

You  will have time to swim in the clear blue waters of the island and You will taste unique Greek foods.( 6:00pm time for coming back to Poros).



Thank you for the beautiful moments!!!

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Upon request. From April to October. For groups 4 to 8 guests


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